Hiking with your Dog on the North Fork : Hiking with your Dog on the North Fork
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Hiking with your Dog on the North Fork

by Dawn Bennett & Asha Gallacher on 06/23/11

Hiking on the North Fork is a great way to get some exercise for both you and your dog.  We have many preserved lands and walking trails that are the perfect for both of you to explore, not to mention some dog friendly beaches.  The key to enjoying the trails and beaches of the East End is to be extremely respectful of others and pick up after your dog.  Courtesy gets you very far with the locals!

Aside from walking being great exercise, it's also a great way to bond with your dog.   Dogs view walks as adventures, and when you accompany your furry friend, he will relish the shared experience.  As a matter of fact, we always recommend our clients who have adopted a rescue dog to take a long walk with their new friend right away.  Once you have built a strong relationship, you can add in a little training to keep both you and your pooch sharp.

While walking around the North Fork is beautiful, there are some precautions you should take when you are enjoying the scenery with your dog.  Preparedness is essential to minimizing potential hazards.  For example, the other day, Dawn was walking through a vineyard about a mile away from her house and her dog discovered a wasp’s nest and was stung several times!  As Dawn is always prepared with her trusty backpack, she was able to give her dog some antihistamine, call the vet on her cell phone, and tell them they were on their way to the office.  That was a life saver.

 Here is a check list that we take when walking our dogs:

Dog/Dogs (of course!)

Cell phone with a full charge

Leash /Extra small leash (you never know when you find a loose/lost dog)

Poop bags

High value treats for off leash recalls

Travel water bowl

Tick spray

Hiking stick (optional)

Animal repellent (mace)

Small boat horn (to scare an aggressing dog/animal away)

Benadryl (for stings)

Bandage/tape for paw cuts


Small towel

Now that you and your dog are prepared for your walk, see you out there!  

For more information about walking with your dog or our dog training school, contact North Fork School for Dogs at: www.northforkdogs.com.

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