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Just had to drop you a line to reiterate what a great learning experience Total Recall class was.  I actually had to use it for real TWICE yesterday when my little darling was loose at my family's  home in Riverhead and was headed straight for Middle Road, which has become the Daytona in recent years.  My ex husband panicked (as did I for a minute) and just yelled louder and more frequently, whistling, etc. Once I got over my initial panic, I totally recalled my total recall, thought to myself, "now is the time" and used my word.  My first, fleeting thought was that this was it and the chase was on.  Much to my surprise, Molly stopped DEAD in her tracks and came haulin' it back to me.  What an unbelievable reward!  I think my husband almost fell over.  We promptly went into the house to get as many treats as we could find!  

As if once wasn't enough, I again had to use it that evening while working on my fence.  
Miss Molly snuck out, made her way across my neighbor's yard, ignoring me and running 
down mystreet.  Again, I thought "no way, not twice".  It did take two tries but there it was!  
Having no leash or rewards, I  awkwardly carried my lanky, 35 lb. darling back to the house 
for treats.  Needless to say, our experience has paid for itself a million times over.  My only
 fear was breaking down the "Total" by not having plenty of reward for her at the time, 
which just reinforces the importance of continuing to train. I thank you again for a most 
rewarding experience.   Laura & Molly
I have had dogs for many years. My daughters dog, a 1 year old Samoyed, was incredibly stubborn...had a mind of his own and was difficult to train.

Asha came, evaluated the dog and it's environment and arranged the necessary 
lessons to get him where I needed him to be with training and knowing the 
commands and discipline I expect.

I was hesitant at first, thinking that I would need a lot more lessons than she 
established but was amazed at how he, with her techniques of training, was able 
to do everything and more than I expected.

After the last lesson I was even able to have him bow on command! That I never 
expected. The other big one is control when he escapes out the front door and
rather explore than listen to come in...leaving me chase after him. For Asha, 
there was no task too difficult that she couldn't overcome in her ability to train 
and teach.  I highly recommend using North Fork School for Dogs and save 
yourself the frustration - especially when you have a puppy and/or a pure bred!!! 
Michael & Gatsby, Mattituck
Client Testimonials
Recently Olive and I had the opportunity to train under Dawn and Asha from North Fork School for Dogs training at the Southold recreation center. It was a wonderful experience. Their training philosophy is excellent. I have trained under many in the past, but was impressed how these two approached problem situations within the class.  All those present, improved in varying degrees, by the end of the course.  I do look forward to working with them, once again, with my companion Olive. I can't stress enough the importance of basic training and socialization for new puppies.  It is but a small investment for a life time of companionship.
Tony Cuccaro, D.V.M.     
"Thank you for teaching me and letting me know it's possible after all these years to get [Maggie & Buddy] to behave"...Nancy, Aquebogue
I highly recommend North Fork School for Dogs. Their gentle and effective methods of training 
are superior and their success with difficult cases is impressive. I have taken my dog through 
their puppy obedience class and am eagerly looking forward to the next class, the "Total Recall."
Owners Dawn and Asha are knowledgeable, patient, and caring. They understand how important 
pets are to their owners and they never minimize the emotional toll that having difficulty with 
training a pet can take on an owner. They are always reassuring and encouraging and understand 
the different personalities of both pets and owners. They recognize that each pet (and owner) is an 
individual and aim to find the perfect training routine to ensure success. There is no yelling or 
berating dogs (or their owners) in Asha and Dawn's classes. All of the training methods are 
based on positive reinforcement, not harsh discipline.  My dog adored both Asha and Dawn and 
couldn't wait to attend each class.  Frankly, neither could I!  I recommend NF School for Dogs 
with confidence!...Katharine, Southold
Hi Asha:
I just wanted to thank you for 
making a huge impact on me and 
my girls during this four-week 
course. You are a gifted trainer, 
for both dogs and people! You were 
so right that Mocha would gain in 
confidence. I can’t believe how 
she has come out of her shell! 
And Luna is doing so well, that 
I have to remind myself she’s 
not even seven months old.
 Thank you for teaching me such 
effective great training methods. 
We will keep practicing, and I will 
keep notes about what we need to 
work on.... Karen, Southold
Highly recommend! North Fork School for Dogs are knowledgable and informative...They design their curriculum and classes so that every dogs needs are met and respected. I took my rescue Border Collie that I adopted to their classes and their gentle approach brought her confidence up and I can't thank them enough for all the help in class and outside of the classes...I highly recommend them. Top notch in my opinion! :-)

These friendly dog loving trainers have a 
touch I have never seen before in any trainer. 
They use all positive training methods. 
They understand dogs the average trainer 
does not. Highly recommend North Fork School 
for Dogs for a well behaved dog. 
Amy, Cutchogue
Hi Asha:
The training sessions you offered us have helped enormously and I would like to work with your training center in the Spring at one of the classes you offer.  Working with you was a pleasure. Your knowledge and patience makes all the difference, and really helped us understand our dog and her needs.
Laurie, Baiting Hollow
 Today I brought CB to visit a family member of mine in a rehab facility  I came armed with treats and the skills I learned with you guys. CB was a perfect gentleman for three long hours...allowing people to pet him and love him up. He didn't bark and only started getting fussy at the end...Couldn't have had such a successful day without what we learned with you Dawn and Asha. CB brought a lot of joy to many people today. Thanks!
Sarah, Southold

Contact me!                   Phone: (631) 734-8331           email:northforkdogs@gmail.com 
We are so grateful to Asha and Dawn for helping us realize the potential within our two princesses (Cinderella and Snow White) and within us.  We attended the Manners Please! course as we wanted to learn how best to help our two Goldendoodles mind their manners in our home and out in the community.  With the patience of our expert trainers, we learned what not do and most importantly how best to help our dogs learn what we wanted from them.  Along with the basic commands of sit, down, leave-it, drop-it, look, and let’s go… we are also having success with loose leash walking and having fun with the stay command.  One month has made a huge difference.  Thank you North Fork School for Dogs for all you do for our dogs and for those that love them.  You truly make a difference....Catherine, Southold
I hope you know we are very appreciative of your work with our Bonnie. She has always been a great dog, but now she's even better. Your efforts have made Bonnie even happier and better behaved. They also trained us to be better pet owners. The information and training techniques you imparted have been invaluable. Bonnie is a happier, better dog and Priscilla is no longer concerned about walking this big, strong dog....Alex, Riverhead
 We love Dawn and Asha! We have learned so much and already see a big difference in our dogs. Thank you both so much. We will be signing up for more classes for sure!  Heather, Shelter Island
Fred is doing great...
     we will take more 
lessons soon! 
        Thank you for all 
that you did for us.
Burke and Fred 
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Just finished our last class today. I never thought I would see the day when my dog didn't jump at and bark at other dogs on our walks but thanks to Asha and Dawn my dog and I can now have peaceful walks. Thank you Ladies. I would highly recommend you both as Trainers, Holly girl says thank you too!!  Deborah, Southold

Dear Dawn & Asha,
Just to say . . . Starla and I learned 
a lot in your class. Starla is growing 
and progressing so nicely.  
And I'm learning to relax more:)  
She and I have bonded so much as 
trusted companions. None of this would 
have been possible without your training, 
support and encouragement.  
Thank you so much.
See you soon, Vivian & Starla

Hi Asha, 
I just wanted to let you know 
that our dog Daisy is doing 
awesome!  I'd like to thank 
you again for helping us out.  
My Dad has been able to come 
in an sit at the kitchen table 
for a conversation, she is no 
longer mauling Tom,and the 
other evening after fetching
sticks, she and my 15 year 
old nephew were sitting side
by side on the ground having
a conversation. I almost cried. 
Hope you are well. 
Cheryle and Daisy
Just wanted to thank you both for your wisdom and knowledge... it was so great to meet two wonderful people that care so much about dogs and has so much wisdom to share.  Zoey (and especially me) learned so much and we are grateful for the experience… so thank you!  we look forward to another class.. Robin, Frank 
and Zoey

Just finished our Rally class with Asha and Dawn. Petey and I loved it. You both are terrific. Thanks so much. Can't wait to see the Fall class schedule to decide on our next class. 
Nancy & Petey, Cutchogue

I gotta tell you about my experience yesterday. Mac has just finished AKC Canine Good Citizen this winter. We walked 2 miles yesterday, loose leash, let's go..he was so good. We passed people who he let pet him. no jumping.  Very calm. Everyone said, "wow! what a good mannered dog." We passed bicycles and they commented on how he didn't pull me toward them, and he didn't try to jump on them. He just watched. What a good dog they said. (everyone said he was beautiful too). I am so happy with him and very proud. 
Thanks girls!! We are
 coming back next winter 
Tammy and Mac
Well, Frankie passed his (Recall) test this AM.  I had let him outside and then went to put the tea kettle on.  Next thing I knew I saw him flying by the kitchen window, down the driveway to the neighbor's yard.  I shrieked and ran outside in my underwear...I then switched to my happy Asha voice and called to him.  He stood for a second and I could hear this voice in his head going "rabbits or MaMa?"  And he came running back to me!  Thanks so much Asha, you are amazing!                
Barbara and Frankie
When we brought our 11 week old Standard Poodle to her first class she was both people shy and dog shy. And what a transformation!! She excelled at all of her lessons and by the end of the 6th class she couldn't wait to play with the other dogs! Dawn and Asha were kind and patient and gave us lots of tips to carry on after class ended. We can't wait for the new classes to 
                   THANK YOU 
NFSFD!! :-)
Kim, Fran & Maggie

Hi Dawn and Asha,
Sydney and I had a great time at our Basic Obedience Class! I had 
previously only been exposed to harsher training methods, and this class was 
such a brush of fresh air!  I really noticed Sydney responding to the commands, 
even down at the beach where she demonstrated that our practice with recall 
has worked well. I am looking forward to taking more classes with her, and 
will be signing up for the next class! Thank you again, and Sydney sends her love.

Christina and Sydney
Percy just graduated from the AKC STAR Puppy class! He is the 7th dog we have owned and North Fork School for Dogs is the first training for dogs we have attended. My husband was skeptical about attending a puppy class at first and thought we could do the training on our own. After attending only one class he was so impressed with the teachers, information, how much Percy learned, and benefits of socializing the puppies. Percy is only 5 1/2 months and has learned; "sit", "down", "stay", walking without pulling on a leash, and most importantly "leave it" and "come". Both Asha and Dawn are knowledgable, informative, positive and supportive. 
We will definitely be enrolling Percy in 
another class to help reinforce the 
commands he has learned. 
Kathleen and Percy,Southold

Asha is great! She answered any questions I had, and made sure to make herself available if I ever needed her. Even seeing her at Petco unexpectedly she was willing to offer advice. The tools she gave me to work with my dog have really helped get him less anxious in higher stimulation environments. I've already noticed a huge change in his personality and confidence. With her help he was able to attend his first Barn Hunt Trial, and we ended the day with his first leg towards his RATN (Novice Title), and he placed first in the large category! I'm excited to be able to take my dog out more often and see other dogs.  Breanna and Finn

Dawn and Asha are knowledgeable, effective 
and truly made training a pleasure and a
learning experience for both me and my dog. 
Glenn and Roscoe

Hi Guys,
Just wanted to let you know that Roscoe 
passed his therapy dog test today. We 
couldn’t have done it without your guidance 
and mentoring.

Thank you both, and if the dog test gods are 
smiling, we’ll pass the CGC test on 
North Fork: Pets & Animal Services Dan’s Best of the Best 2017 Winners