4 Week Classes

$110 Resident

$100 Shelter Dogs

Please note:

Fearful or aggressive dogs will not be comfortable in group classes.
I recommend private training classes instead.

*Due to limited space, I do not offer make-ups for group classes.  

"Total Recall"

Is your dog not coming to you when you call him?  Would you like your dog to race to you every time you call his name?  This popular and fun class will work on one of the most important of the obedience cues, the recall.

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"Agility for Fun"

Try out the addictive sport of agility in this four week class. It's for fun! The concept behind this class is to introduce your dog to agility equipment slowly so your dog is confident and happy to handle the basic agility obstacles - then, let's play! This class is non-competitive and relaxed, designed to have fun running around an agility course with your dog...no pressure.

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"The Pull Stops Here"

This class is dedicated to the common problem of pulling.  We will teach you how to end your dog's habit of pulling and make walks much more pleasant for both of you!  After basic instruction on the finer points of polite leash walking in a class setting, we will challenge you and your dog by "taking it to the streets"...class will be taught during a vineyard walk or on a local street for real life experience!

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"Manners Please!"

(Terrible Teens)

We will work on common behavioral problems like jumping, door manners and barking by teaching you how to give your dog appropriate directions like:





Leave It/Drop It

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"I have been in Asha's training classes at the Peconic center and also had private sessions with her. Asha is extremely knowledgeable and understands how to show different  training techniques.  She is patient and kind.  I have learned from her and made the necessary adjustments to be a better behaved dog.  She gives plenty of handouts and ideas to help with specific issues.  She is an exceptional person/dog trainer."

-Max and Molly

Contact Asha

Southold Town Recreation Center

970 Peconic Lane, Peconic NY

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