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Outdoor Group Classes

Semi-Private Obedience/Manners

COVID-19 has taken its toll on our canine friends, particularly in the area of exposure and socialization.  I have developed these small group classes to slowly reintroduce your dog to new environments.  With all my classes, I focus on teaching your dog to be polite around other dogs and people, keeping in mind that exposure must be done slowly so as not to stress your dog.

So, it’s time to dust off the year 2020 and slowly reconnect you and your dog to the outside world! We can meet in various locations in Southold and Greenport, or even your backyard.  All classes will have a mask requirement for the humans.  (Dog masks are optional, lol!)  In the event of bad weather, we can reschedule for another day that is convenient.

New Clients signing up for group classes must complete an online evaluation first.   If your dog appears uncomfortable during class, it is best to exit the class to reduce your dog's stress and schedule Private Desensitization sessions with me to help build your dog's confidence prior to group class training.

Dog Friends


Obedience/Manners (2 Dogs)


60 mins

$85 each

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This group class is designed for friends or neighbors that would like to have a lesson together.  Get the benefits of having personal, individual instruction.  I will come to the backyard of your choice or meet you at your desired public location to practice polite leash walking, walking by other dogs or people with attention, polite greetings of people or other dogs, even tricks like roll over or sit pretty!  It’s you and your friend’s lesson – you choose what you would like to learn.

Dog Walker at the Park


Obedience/Manners (4 Dogs)


60 mins

$70 each

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This group class is a good option for dogs that are comfortable around other dogs, but just need a little impulse control. These classes are small enough to feel like you are getting the personalized attention you need, while still challenging your dog with a larger group.  In the event of bad weather, we can reschedule for another day that is convenient.  (if your dog is uncomfortable around other dogs, it is advised you enroll in the Problem/Reactive Behavior Modification/Desensitization)

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