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Online Tricks


Online Tricks

30 mins


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Want to be the highlight of your dog's day?  Want to wow your friends and more importantly, build a long-lasting bond with your dog?  Trick training is a great way to improve your dog's attention and build on basic obedience.  Spend a half hour training a trick and you will have a mentally and physically happy dog!

Here are just a few tricks I can teach you:

Roll Over

High Five

Say Please

Play Dead

Jump Through Hoop/Arms




Don't see your trick listed?  Ask me and I will help you train it.

Online Training is perfect way to get individual, professional instruction.   Training in the comfort of your own home allows you and your dog the perfect environment to learn new skills without distraction. 

Think online training is a good fit for you? Send me an email!


Ready to teach your dog some cool tricks?  Book online

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